What is GOODEAS?

GOODEAS is a database of the best information and advertising campaigns and marketing ideas designed for non-profit organisations, social projects or socially beneficial activities.

What is the aim of GOODEAS?

The project links the best non-profit campaigns and marketing ideas with non-profit organisations or other non-commercial entities all around the world. If an entity wants to spread social good, GOODEAS can offer dozens of various ideas from all around the world. The organisations only choose a concept and the project originators help them with the implementation in the country of their operation. In a long-term perspective we would also like to provide them with a legal, expert and financial support.

What themes does GOODEAS focus on?

We are focusing on all themes spreading social good. They are basically divided into subjects such as Health, Humanity, Diversity, Poverty, Education, Environment, and Human Rights.

Why was the project created?

Because the best ideas should freely spread and help people all over the globe.

What is the legal form of GOODEAS?

A civil association GOODEAS was established towards the end of 2016 to interconnect the existing activities of its founders. Based in Slovakia, the project operates internationally.

Contact details:
Tokajícka 10
821 03 Bratislava
Company registration number (IČO): 50646265
Tax ID (DIČ): 2120509985
IBAN: SK24 1100 0000 0029 4503 4241
Bank: Tatra banka, a.s.

How is GOODEAS financed?

Through partnerships with commercial businesses, grants provided by ministries in individual countries and financial support from the European Union.

What makes GOODEAS so special?

So far there has been no database of non-profit campaigns that would be freely available to non-profit organisations from all around the world. There are only websites gathering and spreading the ideas. The uniqueness of GOODEAS lies in the fact that it provides non-profit organisations with a legal and expert support and allows them to apply ideas from all around the world and implement them in the country of their operation.


GOODEAS comprises project originators, the implementation team and the “Board of Advisors”, which is a team of experts, professionals and personalities supporting GOODEAS, promoting its reputation and providing it with consultations. At the local level the Board meets once a year, at the international level once every two years. At their meetings they discuss the planned activities, evaluate the results and achievements, and suggest further improvements.

Who can become a member of the “Board of Advisors”?

The only way to join the Board of Advisors is to be addressed by GOODEAS founders. The membership is awarded with an annual contribution. If you are interested, contact us via email at petra@goodeas.org.

What is the difference between free and paid database?

The free database, which is available to all website visitors, only shows selected campaigns, while the paid one is a full database of the most successful campaigns for non-profit projects or organisations that have been awarded over the last few years in prestigious advertising competitions.

How much does the access to a full database cost and what are the benefits?

The annual fee amounts to EUR 19.90. You can buy your access HERE. After placing an order you will receive an invoice and an account. After you register, you will get a full access to all campaigns supported by GOODEAS grant or commercial entities as well as to the latest information and implemented campaigns.

How is copyright to campaigns dealt with?

GALA, our project partner, provides us with all necessary legal support in the countries we operate. The copyright to every campaign differs with respect to the legal system valid in the country of origin and special requirements of authors of the original ideas.

How do you build the database?

The database comprises campaigns that have been awarded over the last few years in prestigious advertising competitions and their originators agreed to be included in the database. The second group includes campaigns registered in the database by their originators.

How do you obtain information necessary for adaptation?

Our implementation team keeps in touch with all campaign originators included in the GOODEAS database. Any information, terms or requirements are thus obtained directly from the source, i.e. from the originators of the idea.

What should I do if I want to register my campaign in the database?

All you have to do is to fill in the registration form HERE. Our implementation team will get in touch with you and arrange all details.

What does it mean that it is possible to receive a grant for a campaign?

There are two types of grants. First, grants provided by GOODEAS that are labelled “XZ”. These funds come directly from the sources used for the support of campaign adaptation. Second, grants provided by businesses, companies or brands that want to spread social good through selected campaigns, and therefore are willing to provide financial support for the adaptation of the respective idea (they may also choose the country of implementation).

What is the highest amount of the grant?

All applications are evaluated individually. There is no financial limit. If it is not possible to provide a full amount required by the applicant, the adaptation will be supported at least partially.

Is there a guarantee that every applicant receives a grant?

Unfortunately, with respect to a large number of applications it is currently impossible to support all campaigns applying for a grant.

What are the selection criteria?

From the perspective of GOODEAS it is important to ensure that social good is being spread all over the globe. The key criteria include the country of adaptation, the total amount of the grant, applicant’s own sources, cooperating entities, but also the chosen campaign and the difficulty of implementation.

What is the procedure of campaign adaptation?

First of all, you choose a campaign of your interest. You fill in a registration form. Subsequently a member of our implementation team will get in touch with you. He/she will become your contact person for all issues regarding the application. He/she will collect missing information, discover what you actually want, what is your idea of the adaptation, what are the areas you need to help with. He/she will contact campaign´s originators, lawyers and potential partners that might facilitate the adaptation and thus make promoting the campaign much easier.

Who can apply for a campaign adaptation?

Anyone who will adapt the campaign for the purpose of spreading social good. The most preferred are non-profit organisations and advertising, creative, PR or media agencies. The application submitted by a commercial entity is evaluated with respect to the campaign´s originators, the initial goal of the campaign and the objective of adaptation.

Can I adapt the campaign to my own costs?

Of course, the only thing you have to do is to settle copyright issues with the originator of the idea. But that is something we will be happy to help you.

Why should I use the services of GOODEAS when I can address the agency in person?

Because we also provide financial, legal and implementation support with campaign adaptation.

Is this a final version of the project, or one can expect some further development in the future?

Apart from other things, a long-term vision of the project also includes education, i.e. development and support of education of natural persons working in the area of social marketing including trainings, seminars, workshops, participation in international educational and cultural activities, and voluntary work.

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