A hair-raising message

Campaign ended: October 2015
Posted: February 2018
Category: Health
Client: The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation
License: License free
Grant: N/A
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Campaign description

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation is a well-known non-profit organisation dedicated to collecting money to prevent and combat cancer diseases in children. The strategy behind this campaign was to interpret a previous pharmacy ad for shampoo. Without a media budget at our disposal, this was quite a challenge.


The challenge and objective: October is a period where The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation see a rapid decrease in donations. The organization saw an urge to increase donations and brand awareness. The strategy: By interpreting a previous schampoo ad we created a hair-raising message that still echoes around the world. The execution: We created an engaging experience in a digital billboard for every traveler who passed the metro station. The digital billboard reacted on trains passing by through motion sensors. People were encouraged to donate with their smart phone. To increase reach and donations, we made a short film where we documented reactions and uploaded on Youtube.


Since October, the film has had over 10 million views. After seven days it had been viewed in 217 countries and it became the clip with the highest amount of views on Swedish Youtube. Hundreds of media outlets have reported, including The Guardian, Vanity Fair, The Huffington Post and The Independent. Resulting in an estimated PR value of 3,5 million euros. But most importantly, donations increased by 900%. Without a single euro in media or seeding budget. After hundreds of requests for the specially written music, we have now released "Linn's Theme" in a full-length version on Spotify.


Even though this was a physical installation in a subway station in Stockholm, the main purpose of the campaign was to document reactions. Meaning that our primary target audience was not only the 1,2 million metro commuters in Stockholm, but also the rest of the Swedish population. Without a media budget at our disposal, we needed a spectacular idea that would attract the attention of the press. With a clear strategy on how to roll out our branded content, consumers found and spread our campaign through social media, articles, tv news, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and entertainment websites.

Media usage

Digital bilboard, Youtube.

Other info

We teamed up with leading outdoor provider Clear Channel and interpreted a previous shampoo ad. We interpreted a previous shampoo ad and used the same technique on same digital billboard on the exact same metro station. Our digital billboard experience was documented in order to create engaging content for our target audience. The film was uploaded on media platform Youtube.

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