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Posted: August 2018
Category: Health
Client: Easy Taxi
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We turned a usefulness of an App initially designed to provide a transport service, by enhancing it into a lifesaving tool that would unify taxi drivers and their passengers in a different way.


“EasyTaxi” created an alliance with the Colombian Red Cross in efforts to resolve a problem that afflicting the city. By using the app´s information, heat maps were generated with documented accidents occurring all around the city at a certain point time, to be later compared with the geolocation distribution of our taxi fleet.Using the Red Cross know-how, drivers enlisted with “EasyTaxi” were given virtual and face-to-face lessons. As our first group of graduates finished their courses, we designed a campaign in social media that told the stories of our new heroes. We eventually extended the invitation for more taxi drivers to apply and get their certifications.The training process began in August until October same year. The campaign started broadcasting in November and every day new drivers are being recruited. The program aired on YouTube, Facebook and twitter. Initially 300 taxi drivers were trained, impacting over 2 million citizens.


$108.276.612 COP in PR. Impacting Almost 2.457.000 People40% of the drivers increased their average number of rides while using the app.29% of the drivers increased their rate to 5 starts great service review.100% of the trained drivers became exemplary taxi drivers in the company.


We used the application to unite several components by creating solutions to some collective problems. We changed the taxi driver’s negative reputation while increasing their job opportunities and their incomes. With a first aid training strategy, we allowed them to improve their client services towards users and also help the community at the same time .The strategy was aimed at 2 different targets. People between 20-45 age rage; heavy users who request at least 4 transport services a week and “EasyTaxi” drivers, interested in helping the community. This campaign pursued the unification of both, by transforming our drivers into solutions and our app users into positive advocates.

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Eassyassitance, is a way to unite taxi drivers and citizens in a common space: The Streets. By creating this experience, we improve taxi driver’s reputations and at the same time we elevated the odds of victims being assisted after they had been in an accident. Thanks to the support from the Colombian Red Cross, the high quality of the training was guaranteed and a positive reputation was generated for both institutions.

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