We think that the best ideas should be spread around to help all over the world

We have created a database of the best non-profit campaigns and marketing ideas. And we are actively helping to implement the on new markets by connecting the idea-makers with their implementers from other countries and offering them legal, consulting, and financial support.

The Goodeas project

Every day throughout the world, multiple non-profit socially-minded advertising campaigns and marketing ideas are created. Such aim to protect the environment, help people, or increase the living standards of their home country. The best win creative or commercial recognition.

Why shouldn't an idea that worked really well in one country, also benefit another? We believe it should. And we want to help achieve that. So let's spread good ideas and change this world into a better place.

Who is the Goodeas Project?

Róbert Slovák, president

For over 20 years, Róbert has dedicated his time to advertising and communication. Together with his friends, he established the advertising agency Respect APP, was a president of ADC Slovakia for five years, and today, is the president of KRAS - the Club of Slovak Ad Agencies. He has received numerous awards for advertising and design and has been a judge of several Slovak and international festivals. For a long time now, he devotes his attention to spreading Goodvertising ideas, organizes workshops for marketing agencies, NGOs and students, and speaks at universities. He is a member of the self-regulatory presidium in the ethics body sector of the Advertising Council.

Petra Švorcová, vice-president

Petra Švorcová was a professional journalist; currently she is the manager of KRAS (Slovak Association of Advertising Agencies) and is responsible for running the organization. She also takes care of arranging competitions and events like the Golden Nail, Cannes Lions Reps Events, Young Lions, Effie, Breakfast with an Ad, and the initiative for ethical tendering named “Ethical tender.” She has successfully organized a variety of local events collaborating with national and international partners such as ADCE Night in association with ADC Europe or Pioneers Unplugged Bratislava in cooperation with Pioneers.io – an international organization supporting startups.

Andrej Kiska, President of the Slovak Republic

Goodeas project is organized under the auspicies of the President of the Slovak Republic Mr. Andrej Kiska.

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